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Carpet Sales • Carpet Installation • Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Watson Carpet follows guidelines set forth by the Carpet & Rug Institute CRI 104 & CRI 105.

Watson Carpet services start with you knowing that your carpet needs will be taken care of with our professional team of experts.

Watson Carpet specializes in the fabrication of area rugs, in-lay borders, custom design & carving, and binding of rugs with many different looks, I.E. cotton, canvas, linen, leather and fabric. We also specialize in blocking (sizing) and cleaning of rugs.

Watson Carpet's team of experts have seen their workmanship expand throughout North America with installation work completed in almost every US state.

Watson Carpet's expertise and service stands alone. Our philosophy has always been service is the key, from our knowledge in working with carpets at the installation end and now from the selling end. This makes for the best of both worlds for the designer and consumer.

Watson Carpet Company, Inc. has been in the installation business since 1934.
We also do in house cleaning of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Our skilled personnel have been to cleaning seminars for full certification in several areas of cleaning to help you, our valued customer, preserve your investment in carpet,rugs,and fine upholstery. Our personnel continue to keep updated on their cleaning skills and the various aspects of different cleaning methods best used on  the wide variety of materials and fibers.

Our Professionals have been certified to use the following methods:

  • "Host” Dry Extraction Cleaning
    The host method dissolves and absorbs deep down dirt and spots. Because "Host" is a dry method, there is no danger of shrinkage, split seams,mildew or other damage which can occur if the carpet is over wet. The Watson Carpet Company is a preferred partner with HOST cleaning system.  
  • "HOST" freshens and revitalizes your carpet. Colors will be brighter.v
    The soiled, crushed carpet in doorways and in heavy traffic areas will be clean and the pile texture will be revived. "HOST" leaves no detergent residue to attract new soil, so your carpet stays clean longer. Your carpet is dry and ready to use immediately.  
  • Fast Extraction Cleaning (hot water)
    This cleaning system has carefully angled solution jets to dislodge harmful soil and grit. The closed- coupled vacuum system then provides excellent recovery of the dirt ladden solution. With this system there is minimal drying time.  
  • Upholstery Cleaning
    All estimates usually commence with testing of your fine fabric. At this time our certified specialist determines the type of cleaning to be used on the fabric.  
  • Area Rug Cleaning
    We provide pickup service for cleaning of your rugs in our facility. We also provide repair service, ie: binding,fringe repair,blocking for your rugs. Finally, we offer teflon protection for all your carpets,rugs, and upholstery.